Tim Zarzecki, winner of AbilityOne’s President’s Award 2016

Tim Zarzecki Is Honored For His Contributions To The Workforce With A Significant Disability
SourceAmerica is helping people with severe disabilities have the opportunity to become an important part of the current workforce. They recognize the employees who have achieved the greatest degree of success with an important conference in New Orleans. The conference focuses on the achievements of the disabled and honors them with awards. The attendees come from all over the country, work in various industries, serve different agencies, and all have a disability. These individuals have fulfilled their employment opportunities by performing their duties with exemplarity work.

One of the winners of an award from SourceAmerica was Tim Zarzecki. He was honored for his exceptional leadership and excellent character as an individual with a significant disability. He is currently employed by Goodwill Industries in South Carolina. He was given the opportunity for employment as a food service worker due to a contract made with Virginia Beach’s Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Tim Zarzecki had a congenital birth defect when he was born. He is additionally missing his left arm from beneath his elbow. He has lived his life while suffering from a depressive disorder. His connections with service members who have been wounded is strong and he has forged them well. He is the President of a self-advocacy program for the organization is working to improve the options available to transport the disabled. He is trying to help individuals with disabilities get to their jobs on time.

The other individuals honored by SourceAmerica for their outstanding contributions were Gary Hunter as a veteran with a disability, William “Scotty” Weatherly for maintaining an advanced role in management, and Joy Diolosa for her affiliation with Goodwill Industries. The additional recipients were Monica Harrison for her outstanding achievements and self-advocacy and Jim Cassetta for his outstanding leadership and creating meaningful jobs for the disabled.

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