Smart Real Estate Decisions to Make in 2018

When people invest in a home they are making a choice that will affect their entire life. Location means everything in real estate and picking the right spot to live can mean a bigger return on your investment. Many are now turning their eyes on Grand Cayman real estate as a smart investment decision but why?

1. Secure – The Cayman Islands value a crime-free open community where neighbors genuinely look out for one another and they aim to keep it that way by establishing law enforcement agencies and Cayman Island Police Service.

2. Tax-Free – How do you like the sound of paying no taxes? Other than a one-time stamp duty on property acquisitions, the Cayman Islands do not tax the following:

  • Property
  • Capital gains
  • Income
  • Non-resident
  • Sales
  • Inheritance

3. Health and Education System – To ensure that students are prepared to pursue their future, Cayman Islands provides every student from nursery to 12th grade with a chance to be well-educated in their state-of-the-art facilities that deliver both outstand academics and extracurricular programs. The Cayman Islands are recognized for having the best hospital care within the Caribbean with Health City having the top accredited medical facility which provides a broad range of high-quality yet affordable healthcare that attracts medical tourist across the globe.

There are also two liberal arts community college, a law school, and a well-known medical university, St. Mathew’s University so students have options to further their education.

4. The Landscape – The perfect weather with temperatures ranging in 77F-85F all year round that gives the landscape that beautiful glow. The rainy seasons run from late May to November but the showers don’t usually last long before clearing up again. The landscape is a playground filled with warm sandy beaches, coastal trails to explore, crystal clear oceans, riveting sounds of waves and tranquil sunsets.
Within the depths of the water holds an adventure to discover, with boundless marine life and breathtaking views at every turn.

5. Stable & Growing Government – Since 2011, the economy has been driven to bloom with real estates, spa resorts, and hotels. The community is still growing and flourishing, on the verge of expending the island’s infrastructure to build even more businesses, roadworks, and international airports.

What is Cayman Islands Life Like?

When you invest in real estate on the Cayman Islands you are not just buying a beautiful home, but also a friendly active community and a lifestyle that feels like you are constantly on vacation.

Every day is filled with limitless opportunities from diving, sailing, wind sports, snorkeling, and swimming, there is always something to do.
If you don’t feel like jumping in the water there are plenty of other activities across the island such as a wide-range of shops, fitness centers, tennis courts, golf, parks, entertainment and other recreations and sports fields.

The citizens of Cayman’s Island are proactive in their neighborhood as they run marathons and community walks and provide opportunities to be active and help local causes.

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