Raising Funds to Help Eliminate the Middle Eastern Economic Crisis

Over the past decade, the number of refugees and displaced persons has reached 50 million. These individuals don’t have any choice but to rely on the generosity of states and citizens. Faith-based charity groups and other non-profit organizations will be in responding to the crisis, along with other types of groups. The Islamic based relief groups work with taxpayers and authorities to fundraise money that they use in their own activities. There are a variety of Islamic relief groups that function in the Virginia and Washington area that assist individuals in suffering from Middle East countries. At these locations, individuals have the opportunity to contribute their resources to assist the people in need.

Some of the supplies that people need in their time of emergency are food, clean drinking water, and medical supplies. In the United States, there are over two hundred different organizations who help with the development and relief of refugees and regions. Those agencies have decided to come together to try to assist and help those who are struggling, due to some of the military activities that are being made against people in that region. The people who are over there may require necessities like water, food, and a place to stay. And sadly they are in demand for these supplies. Some are targeted mostly towards provisions like water and food, other focus on supplying blankets and clothes, and there are also a few that distribute medications. Money is accepted by every organization. There are a number of ways that an individual can use the web to find different locations that assist them in their time of need; they can even send supplies via postal mail services. For those who wish to create donations that are monetary, there are specific banks that offer a service that directs the amount of money to the organizations or the charity.

If an individual is interested in supporting the Middle Eastern countries, they can easily contact Kids4Peace and/or the Irusa. Both of these organizations are dedicated to assisting people who are in need of healthcare and economic development. Kids4Peace is an organization that aims solely at helping young people resist violence and their mission is to end the conflict of division. Their second headquarters is located in Washington D.C.

The Relief International is also located in Washington. They focus more on the health, economic opportunity, and hygiene of the Middle East. This includes food distribution and water monitoring. Relief International has also been endorsed by famous celebrities like the Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin and the United Nations.

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