Organizations Helping The People Of Yemen

The current situation in Yemen continues to worsen because of the conflicts made by man and the deterioration of natural issues. Yemen is one of the oldest areas on the planet to be inhabited. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least developed and poorest countries throughout the Arab world. The world Food Program places approximately 14.4 million individuals in the category of being hungry. Yemen has to import ninety percent of their food and houses 7.6 million individuals who are suffering from severe nutrition. This makes humanitarian resources and food critical to their survival. The malnutrition rate among the children of Yemen is one of the world’s highest. Almost half of the children less than five years old have already become stunted.

Islamic Relief

The conditions would be even worse if it were not for Islamic Relief. They understand exactly what is happening to the people of Yemen and have responded. Islamic Relief USA supplies clean water and food packages to the people. They provide special packages in the winter because the people are unable to protect themselves from the cold. Their medical supplies enable hospitals to take care of the people and their services for the misplaced save lives. Their humanitarian services prove there are still individuals in the world who truly care about the plight of their brothers and sisters.

International NGOS For Yemen

The International NGOS for Yemen are fighting for the rights of the people. They want the United States to insist goods are given the right to go through the ports of Yemen. They are taking steps to ensure the USG distributes necessary aid with impartiality and no conditions. They believe the UN should document what is happening in Yemen and distribute aid and desperately needed technical assistance. They focus on the humanitarian principles of “do no harm”. They want a significant response and contribution to the plight of the people in Yemen. They are fighting hard for Yemen to receive what they require to survive the humanitarian emergency they are facing.


Care has been active in helping the people of Yemen since 1993. They have established projects designed to reduce the level of poverty. The work they have accomplished in Yemen has empowered women, helped the people help themselves and addressed water management. Care has focused on many issues including hunger, women’s literacy and providing relief to refugees. They are establishing an emergency response, the building of local organizations and helping the refugees forced to run from the violence.

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