Honorees for the Women in Business Achievement Awards Announced

Each year, during the month of December, Inside Business (part of the Virginia Pilot) and SunTrust Bank host an event to celebrate the Women in Business Achievement Awards. These awards are given to women who have demonstrated strong leadership skills, are successful in their careers, have made an important contribution to the local community, and improve local business efforts in the state of Virginia. Moreover, these women serve as examples for others to follow as mentors for less-experienced professionals and interns.

There were 23 winners of the 2017 Women in Business Achievement Awards, which included Monique Adams, Andrea Bear, Donna Bishop, Valerie K. Brown, Susan Browney Dillon, Colleen C. Fox, DVM, Sylvia Haines, Nicole J. Harrell, Renee Howard, Shannon Kane, Cheryl Forrest Land, Tracy Link, Vibha Butail Madan, Kimberly Marks, Shewling Moy, Marne Naas Jennifer Ann Saunders Pfitzner, Erica Rorrer, Amy Sampson, Tasha Turnbull, Vivian Turok, Amy Turner Wiegand, and Nikki Williams.

All of the women greatly deserve to be honored by this award; however, one of them deserves some additional acknowledgment.

Nikki Williams works as in-house legal counsel for ADS, Inc. that is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her official title is Assistant General Counsel and Director of Compliance. ADS works to supply equipment and materials under government contract. Much of the work done by ADS is to supply the U.S. military with the things needed in the field of operations. Some of these equipment needs are life-saving.

Before coming onboard as in-house counsel, Nikki Williams worked at a law firm for about twenty years. She sometimes misses her old clients and associates; however, she enjoys working at ADS very much because she values the contribution that she makes. She hopes to become a senior executive for ADS within the next five years.

Nikki Williams comes from a military family. She knows how critical it is for supplies, which meet specifications, to be delivered at the right place and at the right time. ADS has as its mission to seek out the best solutions for its clients, which often includes putting together complex kits containing materials and equipment from many different suppliers.

Part of the work, in making sure all the correct pieces needed to get to the ADS assembly group on time, is managing the intense amount of legal contract documents that are needed and to make sure the supplier fulfills the specific requirements. Nikki William’s job is to double-check and triple-check all the legal documents to make sure everything is in proper order. In this regard, her contribution is invaluable for the ADS organization to succeed.



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