Executive recruiters located in DC

Nels Olson and others like him are professionals who have the core role of filling executive positions for various firms within their industry of operation. These professionals have got what it takes to get you the best talent to fill your executive positions. Their global network is beneficial in tapping a large of pool of talent for you to choose from. They reduce the risk of companies not getting the right managerial personnel to fill their various posts. If you are in DC and are looking for an executive recruiter to help fill your executive positions, consider looking at the following companies.

JDG Associates Ltd.

Looking for an executive recruiter who has extensive experience in the industry? JDG Associates is one of the pioneer search firms. Having been established in the year 1973, the company boasts of over 4 decades in experience. They maintain a great track record, having successfully completed over 4,000 recruitment projects including the Fortune 1000 Companies and government agencies.

Their dedication to getting the highest talent for various firms in different industries sees to it that hands-on approaches are used. Theirs is an intensive process where they thoroughly screen and interview applicants, ensuring that they are indeed a perfect match for their client.

Battalia Winston

Battalia Winston is rated among the top twelve leading executive headhunters in DC. It also makes for the largest executive search firm owned by a woman. Battalia Winston was founded in the 1963. They deal with executive placements for all firm sizes and in almost every industry.


YScouts is a certified B company that conducts strategic leadership placements for companies in the non-profit, cultural and social sectors. They help companies get more than just great leaders. Theirs to make sure that the executives chosen share the vision of their clients.

This executive recruitment firm is flexible and easily adapts to the changing market needs. They work with all company types and sizes including startups to huge companies such as those under the Fortune 100 profile.

Lucas Group

This executive recruitment firm mainly deals with managerial placements of medium sized companies to Fortune 100 companies. The company has nearly five decades of experience in the industry. What started out as a one-man small business, helping military personnel easily transition into the world of civilian employment, is now an executive recruitment giant. For experience and reliability, consider using Lucas Group’s executive recruitment services.

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