New York City Happenings

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What New Rules Mean for Travel to Cuba

A month after raising the flag at is new embassy in Havana, the United States on Monday further loosened travel regulations for Americans visiting the island. Sun and sand tourism will still be illegal, ... read more

Revamping the Dream Palace

Now known as the Hotel Chelsea at 222 W. 23rd St., the “dream palace” is now the topic of a hot new read by Sherill Tippins, but even after two years without guests, no one knows for sure where the hotel’s ... read more

Hotel and Travel News – Hotel Launch

The Hotel chain King & Grove Hotels recently created an offshoot brand, known as Chelsea Hotels, in order to expand its ability to attract a new, younger crowd to its hotel chain. The owner and CEO of ... read more

Chelsea Hotel Group in NYC

The Chelsea Hotel Group has a philosophy that stands for simple and friendly, but high quality, and unique. Each hotel has their individual theme, but each client experiences the Chelsea Hotel Groups' ... read more