Career Advice from a Head Hunter: How to Stay Successful

Washington is the fourth largest economy in the United States, and it is a major global center of commerce. In Washington DC, trade and service industries that thrive are law, healthcare, tourism and finance. DC is a highly educated region in the country thus the workforce is competitive making recruitment a challenge to many institutions. However, there are recruitment firms that handle the hiring of the workforce for companies, non-profit organizations and government.

The process of executive recruitment.
Recruitment of senior executives requires a well-suited person who will deliver positive results expected from them. Executive recruiters are headhunters who develop a strategy with a company seeking an employee. The position responsibilities and qualifications of the candidate are highlighted to place the right person in the right position. After the strategy development, the recruiters actively seek for a candidate by targeting a company and sector. They meet and assess ‘hunted’ candidates before recommending the best-qualified candidates to the client. Assessing the candidate means reviewing and evaluating them based on the background, experience, character and the vision of the candidate. The recruiter is involved in the selection process and also assists in structuring and negotiating a compensation package.

Which are the well-known executive recruiters in DC area?
Different executive recruiters work for specific sectors, and some are members of Association of Executive search consultants. The following is a list of the few well-known recruiters who have placed high profile executives-:

– JDG Associates Limited is involved in recruitment for associations, government and the private sector.
– ESGI works with companies that sell products to the state, federal and local government.
– Higher Talent collaborates with the non-profit sectors.
– DHR International specializes in almost all industries.
– Battalion Winston works with service provider companies and not-for-profit organization.
– CSI-Executive search.
– Spenser and Stuart specialize in business and professional services.
– BCG.
Nels Olson

The advantages of using executive recruiters’ services.
The recruiters place the right person for the particular job thus there is no downside after recruitment as the candidate are best qualified. The best talent is brought to the company, and maximum potential is reached with the help of the selected person. They have experience and knowledge of the job market and ensure their expertise is at its best ensuring no average workers are hired just the best. They have network skills that can help a company as they develop a relationship with different companies in different skills.

To ensure that a company is ahead of its competitors it must be innovative and has leaders in the executive positions; it is important to engage an executive recruiter company.

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