AccessAbility and SourceAmerica

The Contributions of AccessAbility and SourceAmerica to the Global community
AccessAbility Inc. is an empowerment-oriented organization set to serve people with a significant level of disabilities. The organization was established in 1948 and is headquartered in northeast-Minneapolis, United States. It is accredited to provide services to diverse-members of the community who face barriers to sustainable employment and community inclusion. Some of these barriers include: physical disabilities, homelessness, prior involvement with criminal justice system and limited English-literacy. Its core business is to provide opportunities for self-sufficiency, independence, community inclusion and improved quality of life.

AccessAbility services

As a moral institution, AccessAbility is tasked with provision of various human-services to all its stakeholders. These include:
People-cantered services – The mission, values and established a code of conduct direct hands-on client operations. Participants acquire personalized special-program services that are interactive, informative and educative. Training and counseling is an essential part of the service offered to achieve the main aim of increased vocational potentials, adjustment techniques, stress management and consequent financial-independence. It sets out to match peoples’ desires, skills, needs and abilities with favorable opportunities for community inclusion.

Business services

AccessAbility links business-owners to qualified candidates who match desired business needs. It provides talented-workforce to businesses through its award winning workforce models. Placing this distinct group of marginal people either through direct hire services or work teams benefits a business through the provision of diverse-labor that is cost effective and efficient.

Community services- The organization is the ultimate leader in the provision of quality social care, interactions and events. The special group of people has a platform of activities that ensures acceptance and guaranteed society inclusion.

Impacts of the organization

AccessAbility has positively impacted many peoples’ lives since its establishment. Some of the notable impacts include; increased self-sufficiency in communities, improved inclusion, and acceptance of people with disabilities, increased support to businesses and significant improvement in independent and dignified-living.

AccessAbility and SourceAmerica
SourceAmerica is a national organization that assists the federal government and commercial businesses in fulfilling their contracting needs by providing opportunities to individuals with significant disabilities under AbilityOne program.

AccessAbility has contracted services under this program to provide qualified workers tailored to carry out specified job tasks like janitorial services, mess services, document destruction or printing and collating services. AccessAbility is a life-changing incorporation that continues to meet human-needs and transform lives. Individuals worldwide can contribute to this selfless course through the various forms of funds accepted. You are encouraged to be part of this life-changing initiative.

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