Executive recruiters in the DC area can be a great asset to help limit the amount and time and effort that must be put into finding and procuring the right talent for such high level positions. However, the salesmen know this too, and so it can be hard to filter out the garbage recruiters from the ones who actually are going to put a company in contact with the best available talent. Here are some tips for choosing the best possible DC executive recruiter so that he/she can in turn find top talent for your team.

One excellent metric of quality in a recruiter is peer referrals. If hiring executives can reach out to their peers in order to find out who they trust and rely on then that can be a great indicator of quality. In a similar manner, it is also very telling to determine who the competitors rely on although this might be a little harder to do in a place where everyone tries to keep their advantages secret. One recruiter that has great peer reviews in DC is Nels Olson.

Client testimonials are another great indicator as to quality in a DC executive recruiter, and parsing through the available reports can get the right name in the pool. For example, CSI Executive Search in DC provides an online list of testimonials to back their top brand. This can be found on this testimonial page and there are many other similar ones to be found through web searches. A quick tip about testimonials is that the best ones are those right by top executives such as the CEO of a company, and as such these should be given the most value when ranking for a decision.

Industry expertise can be another factor. It is imperative that the recruiter have experience in your field and it is even better if they have carved a niche out of just that market. General recruiters can possibly find a good candidate, but it is better to rely on those with industry understanding. Try to acquire executive recruiters such as Kershner and Co. who have a limited industry expertise. Kershner specializes in financial fields such as credit unions, investment banks, financial technology and trust/wealth management. When a recruiter can be customized to fit the specific needs of a company while still staying within the range of its known talent then this can be a great asset.

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