10-cent Surcharge Imposed by NY City Council for Plastic Bags

New York shoppers are liable to face a ten-cent surcharge to bring home their groceries in paper or plastic bags. The city’s panel of councilors recently shed light on the initiative in the interest of the environment and citizens. In addition, the vast percentage (nineteen of twenty-five members), have deemed the effort beneficial to cut the government’s annual 10-million-dollar plastic bag disposal budget. As a reformed strategy, implementation is not the easiest undertaking.

According to the tally record, supporters need another seven council member votes to endorse the proposal officially. The vision and mission pose a forward-thinking measure to improve the living conditions in the New York vicinity. Besides, the long-term outlook is imminent for the betterment of the communities, inhabitants and the economy.

Council members are making the arrangements to attend the hearing in the upcoming weeks. Thus far, speculation about the weight of the argument fills the air. Nonetheless, supporters and environmentalists are eager to see the plan succeed. With a green movement in place, consumers get to become a part of an ever-changing initiative to improve health standards worldwide.

Similarly, grocery stores and other involved merchants share concerns about the downsides. In their eyes, it is unlikely that shoppers will gravitate towards funding the program.

Based on the findings of a survey, involving U.S. cities, improper plastic bag disposal has become an epidemic. The government is currently funding an annual project to dispose of them properly. If citizens were to support the agenda to use reusable grocery bags such as totes, this could trim down the budget and improve living conditions tremendously.

If the proposal gets approved, New York will join large cities, which include Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles to; bring an end to the paper/plastic bag overuse crisis. It is imminent to limit the use of both plastic and paper varieties in the interest of improving the standards of life. Although the paper bags are not as dangerous as the plastic ones, it does some level of damage sparingly.

Few people acknowledge that these items play a key role in the seriousness of disasters. When citizens do not explore proper disposal methods, they clog drains and create debris on the streets. In the end, it increases the risk to floods in vicinities that are susceptible to flooding. Grocery store vendors are the ones who will receive financial benefits if the order passes successfully.

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